In Search of a Better Shot

Photo Credit : Snow Sawhney

A lot of my friends keep asking which camera or equipment to buy. What is the latest digital equipment today etc?

Photography, as it is, a very expensive hobby and all the time we serious amatuers, keep thinking of new and better equipment. How can we improve to get that fantastic shot, and eventualy we end up blaming our current equipment or the lack of it….

On the contrary, I believe that too much of high-end and expensive equipment can really slow one down.

Few thoughts to consider:

  • Are we really using our current equipment to the fullest?
  • Do we know our equipment as if it being a part of our bodies?
  • Do we shoot enough, do we practice enough?

One really doesn’t need to upgrade unless one is a professional and will benefit, if the clients desires certain equipment be used for a particular job, and the money used to buy the equipment can be offset with the earnings of the project.

Some will Eventually Come into Frame

If one is keen on certain high end lenses or camera bodies, then rent it, It far out-weighs the investment plus one can always have the latest gear. Even if one is doing professional work, renting becomes very easy and the amount can easily be claimed from the client.

Sharing is caring as one of my friend always say, think of buying similar camera bodies as your photographer buddies,, buy similar brand (same lens mounts), so that the expensive lenses can be shared.

Consider buying used equipment. Most professional and pixel peepers/equipment seekers,  keep equipment in excellent condition and would time to time keep selling to upgrade. So, generally in the market one can really find  good used equipment.

In my life, I‘ve come across many “would be” and some really “excellent photographers”. Believe me, one just can’t become a better photographer simply by buying latest and expensive equipment.

Its hard work, patience, observing others work, following great photographers and of course learning….So go ahead and spend your money to practice outdoors, do studio, attend workshops, courses, go on photo tours, buy and read books on the art…….that’s what going to improve and not the latest and the most expensive.

Happy clicking, travelling (if possible) and lots and lots of practice and learning…..

Happy New Year 2021


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